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Exclusive Wedding Cakes – 2012

Weddings across all cultures are an integral part of a person’s life. It is a life turning event, and wedding ceremony is no less than a festive celebration. Though the traditions are still the same, but now weddings happen with a lot of frills attached

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Ugliest wedding cakes

If delightful, gorgeous and tempting were the words you thought would symbolize a wedding cake perfectly, then how about ugly, disgusting and unpleasant? Yes, you read that correct. We have a bunch of weirdoes for who ugly means beautiful! Here are a fe

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Amazing purple wedding cakes

Known to represent royalty, magic and mystery, the purple color has nowadays become a very popular choice for the wedding themes. From wedding invitations to flowers to cakes, there is a range of shades in purple to choose from for your wedding celebratio

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Some popular wedding cake styles

Types of wedding cakes

Wedding cake is essential to any wedding celebration. It gains as much importance as the wedding venue, guest list, menu, and bridal accessories. Hence, the couple makes their best effort to make it look unique and stand apart in its decoration. Nowadays,

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