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Are there some unusual yet simple bible verses for weddings?

Our patron has given us four bible verses to learn for the wedding, but I found them quite usual, and common. Moreover, phrases like ‘I am my beloved’s and beloved is mine, Song of Solomon 6:3’ is quite simple. I wanted a few ideas for bible verses that could not be really simple as the one I mentioned, and not too intricate that I muddle up the words. My spouse and I are looking for some romantic and beautiful verses, therefore, I would like some ideas from an expert regarding some unusual bible verses for weddings. Can somebody please help?

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    This unwritten custom of reading Bible verses that express everlasting love and faith in Christian wedding is very old and traditional. You have stated that the Bible verses you are provided with are too simple. But, you want more unusual ones that are not difficult to read. You will read them seeing the paper on which they will be written. So, there won’t be any problem. Here is a simple Bible verse about love which I think you can try at your wedding: Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is more delightful than wine(Proverb 17:17). If you like this then there are few like this in the Song of Solomon. The Song of Solomon includes several poems which are composed in three or four lines expressing love. Moreover, there are Corinthian verses as well as from the teachings of John, Peter and Matthew also that you can opt for. Please log onto to select from these verses. Besides, there are few other verses like ‘Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other’ (Psalm 85:10).

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