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How much should I spend for the dress for mother of the bride?

I am obviously on the grooms side and this is the first time I am doing such a job that is why I really need some expert guidance. How much should I spend for the dresses for mother of the bride? Infact I will really appreciate it if you could tell me exactly about the bridal stores in Dixon and the designs that I should buy?

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    Wedding is really a pious occasion which helps two families to come together. Now dude what you have to do is to purchase a really nice wedding gown for the bride’s mother, since she is special.

    Dude it is very difficult to suggest something in Dixon, since it is too specific but what you can do is I can give you a rough idea as to how much will it be costing you. The entire gown, if you would ask me, would be nice if you buy it from Avanti designs. They make some of the fabulous gowns. It will cost you around $500. If you are looking from something inexpensive then you can go for some pre owned gowns which are available online. You are sure to get gowns in the range of $150-200. All the best with it.

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