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Nude weddings where bride and groom bare it all

With the growing popularity of theme weddings, we suppose it was only matter of time before nude weddings started becoming as common as Star Wars Theme Weddings. Though a lot of people are still unclear of how a nude wedding is different from a regular wedding, the phenomenon isn’t as shocking as many would suspect. Unlike what you see at a nudist resort (where most people are completely in the buff), a nudist wedding is strictly “clothing optional” which means guests can choose to be dressed as minimally as they are comfortable with. Some nudist couples tie the knot completely naked some decide to wear their basic undergarments for the ceremony. Most nudist weddings incorporate all the elements of a traditional wedding like a few items of traditional wedding attire like a bouquet, veil, garter and shoes for the bride and footwear an/or a hat/necktie for the groom. Certainly a different and unusual kind of wedding, the nudist wedding is a perfectly legitimate choice of wedding theme for people who are committed to their nudist lifestyle.

Nude Weddings are a sight to behold

The history of nude weddings

Nude weddings have been known to have taken place throughout the world down the years though the first instance of one such wedding being documented was in 1942 when a nude wedding ceremony took place in Elysian Fields, California in. With the growth of the nudist lifestyle, nudist weddings too grew though at a slower rate than the number of devotees it obtained each year. In the U.S. alone, there are over 270 clubs and resorts that are clothes-optional or clothes-free and are used as venues for nudist weddings. On February 14, 2003 in Jamaica, world’s largest nude wedding took place where 23 couples were married in the buff at the same time.

Though nudism as a lifestyle came into being during the early part of the 20th century, nudist weddings can trace their roots to many centuries before that. A famous example of such occurrences in the post Industrial Revolution-era lies in the Smock Weddings that were popular in New England at a time when British Law stated that a woman’s possessions, including her debts were transferred to her new husband at the time of her wedding. In case a woman was a widow, debts on her possessions including her clothing could be transferred to her new husband. To avoid such a transference, the smock wedding came into being where a woman would be clothed in her bare minimum during the wedding ceremony. At times, women even chose to sit naked in closets with nothing but their hands being visible through an opening to exchange rings before a priest!

Ever growing popularity

Nude weddings

Founded in 1931, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) has been actively promoting nude recreation and during the 1990s, the industry grew by a staggering 75 percent. From $120 million in 1992, nudist recreation has grown into a $440 million industry as of the end of 2011 which has also resulted in an increase in the number of nude weddings. With the growth of pluralism in global culture, nudist weddings are receiving acceptance as well. Just last year, 20 couples tied the knot in a naked mass wedding in Xinjiekou, China which was the first of its kind in the city. Jamaica too has become increasingly popular with nudist couples with a 2003 ceremony witnessing a mass wedding that saw 23 coupled enter wedlock in their birthday suits.

Sultry venues

Nude weddings

A nudist beach or a nudist colony/resort is a great venue to have a wedding since you wouldn’t be breaking any laws by roaming around in your birthday suit in such a place. If you want a more traditional ceremony, there are also some nudist churches around the world. However, if you don’t want to go to all these “usual” nudist spots, you can always have a nudist wedding right in your backyard as long as you’re sure you wont be accidentally flashing unsuspecting neighbors/passers-by or children during the ceremony! Of course, being in the buff, you would want to have your ceremony at a place that doesn’t freeze your nude bum off so a nudist beach next to a nudist resort is probably the best and most hassle free idea.

Though nudist resorts across the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe remain popular venues for nudist weddings, it seems like people in a society as conservative as China too are experimenting with clothes-free ceremonies though it will take some time before nudist weddings find the same level of acceptance in the Far East as they have found in the West. Planing a nude wedding on nude beaches is also a great idea. Some of the top nudist beaches around the world include St. Barts’ Saline Beach, Hawaii’s Little Beach, the Praia Do Pinho in Brazil, Florida’s Haulover Beach, the Paradise Beach in Greece and the Samurai Beach in Australia.

Cultural response

Nude weddings

Nude weddings have been a part of the nudist lifestyle though they had been made to remain hidden and unadvertised before the growth of the internet. However, popular sci-fi series Star Trek introduced the concept to a wider audience at the fag end of the 70s. Because of their ability to see the emotions and thoughts of others, Star Trek’s fictional Betazoid culture featured nude weddings as a norm and such ceremonies occurred without the taboo element since their society evolved into an open one. Though most people around the world still have their reservations about nudism, the followers of the lifestyle have made the occurrence of nude weddings a more common and everyday phenomenon.

Why you can try a nude nuptial?

Nude weddings

Even if you’re not a nudist, a wedding in the buff can be a great, off-beat theme for anyone who thinks the beach wedding has been overdone to death. It is mostly up to the bride and groom to decide whether they want to go complete bare or have a few items of clothing to protect their modesty and most nudist weddings do allow guests to be dressed according to their level of comfort and will. Since the nudist lifestyle is all about being comfortable in your own skin, a nudist wedding can be a great way to declare your love of your body and your acceptance of whatever body shape your partner possesses. Also, a nudist wedding is more likely to be remembered among the swarms of “regular” and “boring” ones where everyone wears all their clothes.

Is nudity the future of weddings?

Nude weddings

Right from childhood, most girls are conditioned to look at their wedding day as the biggest day of their entire life. From references in popular culture to social reinforcements, everything has built up a wedding to be the single most important day a women can have in her life. Given how weddings are a multi-billion dollar global industry and how designer wedding dresses are a huge part of the dream sold to women right from an early age, we think the nude ceremonies (which asks women to not wear a dress at all) will never make it as big as the clichéd white wedding. However, just like theme weddings, the Nude Wedding too will remain one of the many off-beat option open to couples who don’t want to follow the rat race and want their wedding day to be more memorable than the ceremonies of their friends and acquaintances.

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