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How to choose a perfect wedding gift for bride and the groom?

Due to my exams I was not able to attend my brothers marriage but now as I am going to meet him for the first time after his marriage I want to know which is the perfect wedding gift for bride and the groom? I have seen many show pieces and other things but I want to gift them which will show my love and affection and at the same time it should be useful to them also. It will be really nice if anyone can help me out in this.

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    Weddings are always special, especially if it’s the wedding of your best friend or a relative. It’s pretty obvious from your concern that your brother is a very special person in your life and since you’re already late, you must be creative with your gift. Here are some gift ideas we have for your brother and his bride.

    1. Champagne: You do not need to gift your brother and sister in law something that’ll make them cherish and remember you. You’re already there! And since you missed their wedding, a bottle of champagne and a couple of champagne flutes might be a great way to make a late celebration. Top it up a card wishing them a happy married life etc.

    2. Arrange a trip: Whether they’ve already made their honeymoon getaway or not, you can always arrange one from your side. Gift them all expense paid tickets to a romantic destination. Make it a cruise instead of a flight and to some seaside resort. This trip will surely be something special for them.

    3. Custom made jewelry: This is a very personal and sweet gift. Make up some custom made wedding ornaments with their names engraved or their picture. It makes for a classic gift.

    4. Set up their new house/apartment: You can decorate their new house, in which they move in to after the wedding. That’ll be something off the hook.

    5. Watch set: A pretty common gift but like mentioned before, you’re already special. Anything coming from you will be considered special.

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    How about dudu? Dudu is a very good gift

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