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Best celebrity wedding cakes of all times

The lives of celebrities have always riveted the common man. Be it a link-up, break-up, birthday, or wedding, celebrities are constantly pursued by the paparazzi vis-à-vis their fans. Their glamorous lifestyle, fashion quotient, and social engagements generate excitement amongst followers who aspire to reach their pedestal. Thus, we can assume why a celebrity wedding holds an utmost importance to the followers. The decor, guests, food, and most importantly the wedding cake always attract limelight and media attention. Since a celebrity wedding cake symbolizes a new beginning of love and compassion, hence celebrities today are on the forefront of procuring attention – grabbing wedding cakes with variant colors, innovative shapes, designs, and exotic flavors. Here is a description of some of the extravagant and exotic cakes that celebrities across the world chose for their D-day.

1. Ornamental white cake (Kate Moss and Jamie Hince)

Ornamental white cake

Traditionally, a white wedding cake symbolizes purity. Understanding the depth of purity in a relationship, Kate Moss and hubby Jamie Hince chose a six-tiered wedding cake by Peggy Porschen, a London baker. Beautifully engraved with yellow roses at the base, this wedding cake was a delight for the guests.

2. Vintage grandeur (Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie)

Vintage grandeur

Fantasy Frostings designed an exclusive wedding cake for Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie on their Montecito wedding. The three-tiered conception garlanded by white roses generated an outstanding appearance for the celebrity wedding cake.

3. Red velvet cheese cake (Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy)

Red velvet cheese cake

Designed for Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy, the exotic red velvet wedding cake with cream cheese filling lured all the guests with its delectable flavor and innovative design. The four-tiered delicacy was a creation of Pink Cake Box.

4. Pearl monogrammed cake (Khadijaq Haqq and Bobby McCray)

Pearl monogrammed cake

Celebrities are inspired by grandiose embellishments. Hence, actress Khadijaq Haqq and her husband Bobby McCray ordered a three-tiered wedding cake with edible pearls for created Fantasy Frostings.

5. Simply vanilla (Roselyn Sanchez wedding)

Simply vanilla

This vanilla based cake filled with layers of cookies and cream baked for actress Roselyn Sanchez enhanced her nuptial celebrations with its delectable flavors.

6. Victorian splendor (Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson)

Victorian splendor

Inspired by Victorian genre, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson ordered a Victorian inspired five-tier cake created by Perfect Endings. The soft layers of the pound cake were baked with rich filling of raspberry, carrot cake, and red velvet cake entwined into one.

7. Innovative bake (Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro)

Innovative bake

Celebrities always desire for the best thing possible, and when it comes to their wedding, there is no exception. Hence, innovative flavors on cakes top the charts. Keeping with the trend, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro ordered a four-tier cake with layers of Oreo cheesecake, chocolate cake, and strawberry shortcake. Blended with three rich flavors, this incredible delicacy created a lasting impression on the guests.

8. Hand painted elegance (Candice Woodcock wedding)

Hand painted elegance

When it comes to adding that special touch, hand painted creativity always glorifies the beauty. Candice Woodcock chose a hand painted white wedding cake instilled by passion fruit filling and blackberry butter cream for the D-day. This glamorous cake was created by Fluffy Thoughts. The intricate designs woven over the cake created a mesmerizing effect on the guests.

9. Bejeweled Swarovski sophistication (Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann)

Bejeweled Swarovski sophistication

Celebrities walk the extra mile when it comes to their nuptial celebrations and expenses takes a back seat for such an occasion. Swarovski crystal embedded cake has been a luxurious entrant on the space of celebrity wedding cake. Actress Mariska Hargitay and husband Peter Hermann ordered this six-tier vanilla-chocolate cake on the day of their wedding. They also had their initials engraved on the top of the cake, which added an extra zest to its beauty.

10. White chocolate extravaganza (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes)

White chocolate extravaganza

Celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes rejoiced their matrimonial union by procuring a white chocolate mousse extravaganza for their D-day. The wedding cake was aesthetically ornamented with marzipan roses that glorified its opulence.

11. Grand Marnier chiffon cake (Donald Trump and Melania Knauss)

Grand Marnier chiffon cake

Weighing fifty-pound, this grand chiffon cake on the wedding occasion of Donald Trump and Melania Knauss was a reason of appreciation amongst the guest. Chef Cedric Barbaret, with his seven-tier cake entwined with 3,000 white-icing roses, enticed the occasion with his creative baking skills.

12. The choco-vanilla delight (Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries)

The choco vanilla delight

Themed on black-and-white for their nuptial vows, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries chose a six-foot-tall chocolate and vanilla cake for their wedding. The cake was designed by Hansen’s Cakes. The cake, which was exquisitely adorned with vanilla and chocolate layers, is embedded with choco-chips.

13. Passionate fruit wonder (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

Passionate fruit wonder

An eight-tiered wedding cake that Prince William and Kate Middleton selected to make their wedding a memorable one was created by Chef Fiona Cairns. The whole cake was based on fruits and was covered with an attractive white icing. Furthermore, their name initials were also painted into the cake’s bottom layer.

14. Black magic (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)

Black magic

This amazing cake was prepared for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s wedding reception. The four-tier wedding cake was glamorously ornamented with black magic roses that intensified its appearance profoundly.

15. Ultimate butter cream delight (Dave Annable and Odette Yustman)

Ultimate butter cream delight

Dave Annable and Odette Yustman’s chose a four-tiered red velvet wedding cake covered with butter cream and fondant. This cake, which had a divine feel with its pure white look, was designed by Sweet and Saucy Shop.

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