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Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece

Decoration of the wedding place is a most common practice. But, the most important concern is how to decorate the wedding place. Some decorations are of very simple, traditional look. You will never find any unusual thing in such a decor. If you want to make your wedding memorable, you need to decorate the wedding centerpiece in a different way. This article will provide you some unique ideas by which you can decorate the wedding centerpiece in a different way so that it becomes that greatest attraction of your wedding venue.

1. Photos of Bride and Groom in Centerpiece

Bride and Groom in Centerpiece

You can place the photos of the bride and the groom on a small stand on each table. But, the most vital job is the selection of photos. You must try to select some photos with smiling faces of the bride and groom, in different postures. Such smiling faces will give out a positive energy on the wedding ceremony as well as have a feeling of happiness among the guests who will be able to get acquainted with bride or groom more easily.

2. Make Some Arrangements for Blessings

Arrangements for Blessings

First you need to arrange some pens, papers and some cards. You can put all those things on each of the table so that the guests can write down their advice, best wishes and complements to the groom and bride and some memorable quotes. These precious notes will remind you of the wedding ceremony for years to come.Try to use some good quality paper and give them a royal look by placing some sparkling ink and pens around these cards.

3. Centerpiece Resembling a Wine Bottle

Centerpiece resembling a wine bottle

You can make some wine bottle structures with lamps and place these wine bottles on each of the tables. Fill the bottles with candle oil and add some wick. If you want to decorate this further with more innovations, you can also add bunches of grapes around the base of the wine bottle. You can also add some white flowers, pieces of tulle and some ivy into it. Such centerpiece decorations will enhance the beauty of your wedding ceremony. A red ribbon piece gives these centerpieces a royal look so you can glue these pieces of ribbon vertically. The centerpieces look really beautiful and your guests will feel extremely delighted.

4. Wrought Iron Birdcages

Wrought iron birdcages

Iron bird cages are very famous and one of the old methods of making centerpieces. Choose some well designed cages and paint them in bright colors. Place some candle sticks inside the bird cages and hang these cages at a certain distance from each other inside the wedding area. You can also place some artificial trees inside the wedding area and place these bird cages on the branches of the tree.

5. Wedding Cake Decor

Innovative Wedding Cake Decor

Decorating the wedding centerpiece with a wedding cake is a common thing. If you wish to decorate the wedding centerpiece in different way, you need a big sized cake which is to be placed on the center table of the wedding area and you need some miniature sized cakes, replicating the master wedding cake. Place them on a stand of each and every guest table. All these cakes can be decorated with flowers on top and some birthday candles around on it. The big cake will be meant for the bride and groom and the miniature sized cakes for the guests. For bride and groom, you can also make a bigger centerpiece cake with two tired cake.

6. Hurricane Lamps as Center Piece

Hurricane Lamps as Center Piece

You can use some hurricane globes which are made from glasses. Place some Christmas balls inside the globes. Now, place these hurricane globes on each table. Besides this, you can use a round shaped glass jar and fix a candle inside the jar. Decorate this jar with some artificial hanging leaves and place a number of such jars in their respective places.You can place these hurricane globes in wedding area and garden too.

7. Arranging Gift Boxes

Arrange Gift Boxes

This is one of the funniest decorative ideas which have great impact on the guests, especially the children. You need to arrange some gift boxes in various sizes and wrap them in colorful wrapping papers. Next, attach three to four boxes together and then tie these boxes with the golden ribbon. Place these boxes on each table. It will look like a stack of gifts on the tables.

8. Make Some Statues

Make Statues

You can arrange for different varieties of statues which are made from plaster or clay. Statue center pieces are famous in Greek weddings and by adding some poetry around them; you can make it look more romantic and beautiful. Place these statues at the entrance of the wedding centerpiece as well as inside the wedding area too. If you want to give some extraordinary look, you can arrange ice statues or wax statues too, which are made from ice or wax as the names convey. Such statues enhance the beauty of the wedding area.

9. Make a Straw Hat

Straw Hat

If you select the wedding area in the garden, you can decorate the wedding centerpiece in different way. You can make some straw hats and place them at a certain distance to each other in replacement of garden umbrella. Now, place the guest tables under these straw hats. You must try to use candle light or dim lights so that guest have a feel of a rural atmosphere. Silk flowers and ribbon looks really beautiful, if you decorate them with the straw hats.

10. Create Romantic Ambiance

Create Romantic Ambiance

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere inside the wedding area, you have to get hold of a calligrapher who will write different love poems on canvas or bond papers for you. Now place these papers or canvas with poems on them in an antique picture frame. Decorate the frame with roses and try to give some antique look. Fix these frames inside the wedding area so that every guest can read these poems clearly. You can also use them as wedding centerpieces by placing those picture frames at the center of the each guest table.

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