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Humorous wedding cake toppers to glorify your wedding cake

The wedding cake is an important impression which can reveal your notions about marriage. There are numerous types of wedding toppers you can choose from. A funny and comical touch to the wedding cake can change the serious note of the wedding day into a pleasant surprise for all, particularly the couple. The humorous toppers can depict anything from a ‘runaway bride’, a ‘Western Lasso groom’ to the ‘runaway groom’.

Ten funny and humorous toppers have been enumerated here which can suitably endorse a wedding cake.

1.The Wilton ball and chain topper

The Wilton ball and chain topper

The Wilton Ball and Chain topper can give a lighthearted appeal to the wedding cake. The set of pretty bride and groom on the cake add a humorous touch to the cake. The golden hair bride standing fashionably against the (seemingly) gloomy groom gives a hilarious appeal. Another funny one can be the bride in pants and the groom in shorts (representing the female hold over the male).

A one pound cake can measure up to 4 inches (or slightly above) having a base of 3 and half inch (one in image).

2. Groom running away topper

Groom running away topper

Another funny topper comes in the form of a couple wherein the groom seems running away from the bride. This topper can be an apt theme for couple having hilarious groom. It could depict his (apparent) helplessness in not being to escape from the marriage. The figurine emerges neatly and is highly expressive for its theme.

3. Unique kissing couple wedding cake topper

Unique kissing couple wedding cake topper

This one can highlight the main theme of marriage – romance. The couple sharing their kiss on cake top looks just the apt for the occasion.The elegant combination of colors depicted by the bride and groom (white and black) can suit almost any cake. The picture seems perfect with the bride holding pink flowers, ready to enjoy marital bliss.

The figurine measures about 5 and half inch (one in image). The cake topper can be the popular choice for usual wedding cakes as well.

4. Just married wedding cake topper

Just married wedding cake topper

A delicious wedding cake can also be complemented with other funny cake toppers, like one where a handsome groom waves off carrying his bride in his car just after the wedding is over. The beautifully dressed bride in veil is sitting right near the groom. Other figurine can depict a dancing couple or a groom holding his bride in both hands.

5.Sports wedding cake topper

Sports wedding cake topper

While the traditional wedding cake toppers may score above many others, there can be a deviation for good. The sports inspired wedding cake toppers come at affordable costs. You can choose from many like a couple playing rugby, a skiing couple, a golfing couple, the bride waving off while the groom tries his skill at the Champaign bottle, etc. The toppers can invariably suit couples having special liking for sports.

6. Holding up and kissing wedding cake topper

Holding up and kissing wedding cake topper

Presently, the traditional themes seem to be being replaced by unique and unusual themes. The unusual themes, the funny ones, can be innovative and give an unmatched appeal to the event. While the couple sharing their first kiss on wedding day remains a universal choice, irrespective of the wedding décor and theme, you can find many others with a humorous appeal. There is a military couple which can be the apt depiction of getting battle ready (in the battlefield or otherwise!).

Another one in the row can be the dramatic Gothic skeleton bride and groom trying to kiss. This can suit a beach or destination wedding.

7. Bride holding groom in hands wedding cake topper

Bride holding groom in hands wedding cake topper

One funny wedding topper for couples having great sense of humor can be a figurine where the bride is holding the groom in her arms. For couples who love and enjoy fishing, a funny topper can be the bride with a fishing pole with the hook connected to the groom’s attire. The outdoor enthusiasts can also include a “Gone Hunting” wedding topper.

8. Traditional about to kiss wedding cake topper

Traditional about to kiss wedding cake topper

The multi-tiered wedding cake might have been the preferred wedding cake in the past but the present offers much more than the traditional one. Couples find off the mark cakes a preferable choice to adorn their weddings. A funny or crazy figurine which somehow links to the bride and groom is a chosen one for many weddings today.

The bride and groom as wedding cake toppers have always been in flavor. But a crazy variation can be had in many ways. Some couples find it apt to have a smiling Adam and Eve figurine cake topper (wearing only fig leaves). Others may opt for figurine representing themselves as animals.

9. Motorcycle wedding cake topper

Motorcycle wedding cake topper

The Motorcycle wedding cake topper can particularly be for the bike lovers. Having a stylish motorcycle with a “Just Married” tag can be a cute topper. Besides being romantic, this figurine can give a realistic appeal. The miniature paper pom poms attached to the motorcycle give a cute look. Some stores provide variations in the color – hair color and complexion color –choices.

For the hard core bike lovers, the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Wedding Cake Topper can be the right choice. Here, the figurine is a couple on their Harley Davidson motorcycle. The “Just Married” license plate and “Noise making” cans are cute accessories.

10. Car wedding cake topper

Car wedding cake topper

The Car Red topper can give a similar look like a kid’s toy car with small sized bride and groom sitting comfortably within. The one in image is a beautiful wedding car cake topper. Made of hand painted resin, the figurine shows a couple bid good bye (seemingly happy to begin the new journey of marital bliss). Accessories like a floral heart having “Just Married” written alleviate the appeal.

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