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Ideas for wedding cake table decorations

The trend of wedding cakes is being followed since ages. They are important part of wedding receptions. What comes into focus at the reception is the wedding cake table. It is the center of attraction for everybody. People take extra efforts to make it look the right way. There is a wrong notion when it comes to decoration. It should be apt to the theme of the reception and surroundings of the place where the reception is being held. The table too should be designed in a right way. Here we list some ideas that can help you in decorating the wedding cake table.

1. Decoration with flowers

Decoration with flowers

Decoration of wedding cake tables with flowers gives one ample number of options. It is not only available in varied colors but have fragrance that truly pleases one. As seasons differ, so do the flowers. But there are some which are available round the year like roses. Though roses are still the best option by designers, there are some new in the market which people can experiment with. The latest being the orchids. It is vibrant, beautiful and bright. It is available in different colors too. Seasonal flowers are also one the most sought for since it is easily available and cheaper in cost. Petals scattered over the table in a pattern is a good way.

2. Decoration with food stuff

Decoration with food stuff

The wedding cake table can be decorated using candies. Candies such as almonds in silver paper look too beautiful around the wedding cake table. Fruits like grapes and strawberries can be used. Since the table is used only at the starting of the reception, these can later be transferred to the stalls where fruit salads are served to cut down costs. Even keeping in mind the choice of bride and groom candies can be brought. Little colorful bright toffees that one must have had in childhood are a good option which may be decorated artfully to complete the look. Just take care of children who will get allured easily by this sort of decoration.

3. Decoration with photos

Decoration with photos

Well photos always make one smile. It brings back the special cherished moments. A collage of photos of couple of their marriage or the life before placed on the table below a glass pane completes the decoration. It doesn’t cost much and takes less of the time. You can also add the photos of the couples that have been in the family of both the families. Like you can add a picture of bride’s mother and father and just like that groom’s mother and father. You can also add the special friends who have been there in the life of the bride and the groom. Its just some ideas regarding the photos. You may come with many of such ideas yourself.

4. Decoration with shells

Decoration with shells

Suppose the wedding takes place near the beach or coastal area, shells can be used to decorate the wedding cake table. Even driftwood or coral can also be used. Special table cloths made by local artists are also an option. Just to be more realistic with this kind of the decoration, you may add some sand and pebbles around the corners of the table. Keep wine glasses in between the decoration with a bottle of champagne. This all will just look perfect and enhance the richness of the decoration.

5. Decoration with candles

Decoration with candles

Decoration of cake tables with candles is also one way. Though there is a disadvantage in using candles as it melts. But these can be replaced by small beautiful lanterns that take you to the ancient world of kings and queen. Even artificial candles which run on battery can be used. If the theme of wedding is Arabic, this is perfect option. You can also add some flower petals on the table just like rose petals. This decoration looks great when the wedding cake table is placed at indoors but at the same it it goes perfect, even if you have selected an outdoor location for your wedding.

6. Decoration with paintings

Decoration with frames

The Wedding cake table can be placed at a place and a frame or a fabric designed artfully may be hung as backdrop. The backdrop may be designed to suit the theme of the wedding. In some even portraits of couple either painted or sketched by artists may be put. The frames can be chosen to have either the silver look or the golden look. This decoration can further be beautified with some pearls or beading on the table . Choose the cloth of the wedding cake table in accordance with the color of the frames that you choose. But you can also have the mixed colors if you want so.

7. Decoration with ribbons

Decoration with ribbons

Ribbons can never go out of fashion for decoration. Colorful silk ribbons can be used. People can do wonders with ribbons. It is beautifully made into flowers and hangings. Even simply wrapping the table artfully makes it look good. These go well with Barbie themes. There are many colors among ribbons that you may opt to have but the pink ribbons look just perfect as they add some romantic touch to the wedding cake. If you create a bow or any other formation with the ribbons then you can pin accessories at the middle of the ribbon formations just like shown in the picture.

8. Decoration with cartoon characters

Decoration with cartoon characters

If you want to something really cute with your wedding cake table decorations then decorating it with some cartoon characters is just what you need to do. Everyone loves one cartoon character or the another, so even the bride and the groom would have their own favorites. They would just love to see these with them when they reach to the wedding cake table. If the cartoon characters are in couples, that is even more awesome for such a decoration.

9. Decoration with balloons

Decoration with balloons

Balloons are always loved by us. And there is a wide range of it available in the market in different shapes, colors or sizes. Keeping in view the likes of every genre, it is being made. Simply plain balloons can be bought and wishes could be written on them for the couple by the well wishers and the family members. This adds an emotional quotient to it. It is sure to be cherished by them for long. You can add a backdrop of balloons with the table just in front of the balloons formation.

10. Decoration with marbles

Decoration with marbles

Marbles come in all shapes and colors. If you do not want to spend too much on the wedding cake table decorations, then they just are your take. The wedding cake placed in the midst of beautiful shining marbles on wedding table is the way it is to be. These are available in varying colors. The best is when all the colorful marbles are mixed together. It is sure to bring a smile on your face.You can put these marbles in small caskets or just spread them all over the table. In any of the two cases they will just make your wedding cake table look marvelous.

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