Happy groom and bride about retro limousine

Things to look for when hiring a wedding car

When the bride or the groom arrives at the wedding venue without a doubt they catch the attention of the ...

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pregnant bride

Ways a pregnant bride can make her wedding extra special

Planning a celebration for a life-altering event is a hectic job, doing the same for two major events can be ...

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sexy lingerie

Shopping for undergarments before the wedding

You have your gown ready, but what shape wear are you wearing underneath it? Just as important as the gown ...

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beautiful event venue (3)

Picking a beautiful event venue within your wedding budget

When you start planning your perfect wedding, the venue demands immediate attention. Selecting the most stunning venue for your wedding ...

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choosing your wedding photographer

Interviewing tips to remember when choosing your wedding photographer

Just got engaged? Congratulations, here comes the stress of planning a perfect wedding. No, procrastinating will not help, what would ...

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woman holding bouquet of flowers over her face

Hosting a playful bridal shower to break the monotony

If you have a large guest list for your bridal shower then you need certain icebreakers to ease the group ...

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wedding registry

What goes in your wedding registry when you already have everything you need?

So your big day is approaching and it’s time to answer that question you have been laying off for a ...

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Dress-hunting and more for the mother of the bride

 After the bride and the groom, if anyone deserves attention it is the mother of the bride. Our moms have ...

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bridal shower

Not a necessity: Ditch your bridal shower without regrets

For couples planning a wedding most traditions become headaches. Planning multiple events brings along multiple stresses, especially events that have ...

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barramundi steak

Appetizers that should make to the plate for your bridal shower

A bridal shower celebrates the beginning of the bride-to-be’s happy married life and a great opportunity for all the bride’s ...

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old-fashioned wedding traditions

Get over these old-fashioned wedding traditions on your big day

Your wedding is a big day for you and your would-be life partner. Thus, it is important that you plan ...

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Wedding shoe hacks

Wedding shoe hacks that can save your day

Many brides stay in confusion when they are not able to find the right pair of shoes for their wedding. ...

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