Wedding Fashion

wedding theme (2)

Consider Honoring Your Heritage with a Culturally Relevant Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. The wedding itself is sometimes ...

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Ditch the Dress: A Modern Twist on Guest Wedding Wear

Typically, women tend to opt for a dress when attending a wedding. But shopping for a wedding outfit can be ...

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perfect wedding dress

Your checklist for that perfect wedding dress

Almost every girl spends her life dreaming about her wedding. Shopping for wedding dresses is one of the exciting things ...

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wedding hairstyles for her

Best winter wedding hairstyles for her

Winter is a magical and cozy season and a winter wedding can be pretty exciting. The bride always wants to ...

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Wedding Ideas

Bollywood Bride (2)

Tips to Look like a Bollywood Bride

You have admired them, mimicked them and dressed up like them since you were a little girl. There may be ...

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beautiful Bride

Become the blushing bride with these beauty tips

The big day – your alarm clock blares like wedding bells, your bearlike yawn mouths the words “I do”, and ...

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bride with bag

Contemporary bag trends for brides

Each bride will desire to flaunt a chic wedding grasps or better, each woman will need to convey one of ...

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groomsman outfit

Contemporary outfits to best suit the best man

At a wedding gathering, we want to do all that we can to assist the bride on her huge day. ...

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Celebrity Weddings


Top lavish and grand weddings of the world

Wedding ceremonies are very special and beautiful occasions to celebrate. For some it is just a simple occasion whereas for ...

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Pippa Middleton- A Would Be DIY Bride

Pippa Middleton has seen her sister Kete Middleton go down the aisle on her wedding day and now it is ...

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Teen icon to wedding with Michael Turchin: Lance Bass

During the golden age of pop music in the early 2000’s and the late 1990’s, people were treated to some ...

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Who’s the best man in the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?

Feeling excited to know who will be the best man in Upcoming ceremony of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Hold ...

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Wedding Themes

wedding reception

Wedding ideas for the Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving is the best day to thank the Almighty for the blessing of life, and a wedding is a great ...

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Peacock Themed Wedding

Useful Tips for a Peacock Themed Wedding

It is but natural for couples to opt for a unique wedding theme in order to make their D-day all ...

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French Themed Wedding Ideas

Parisian and French Themed Wedding Ideas for your D Day

Ask anyone and you would get to know that one of the most romantic and beautiful themes you can adopt ...

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wedding gown

Changing the Ambiance of Weddings with Different Themes

Every perfect wedding would have some minor problem or the other that could threaten to dampen the spirit of the ...

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Wedding Destinations

Exotic Wedding

Exotic Wedding locations you cannot miss

Planning a wedding in an air-conditioned hall, church, the marriage registration office or an open ground is passé. More and ...

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Tips to an awe inspiring beach wedding at Bali

The beach weddings are a perfect solution to the boredom and expenses resulting out of traditional wedding. Also it is ...

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An enchiridion of wedding and reception locales in Suffolk

If you are searching for a perfect place to celebrate your big day, Suffolk is simply the right choice for ...

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Destination weddings, a growing trend

Do you want your wedding to be different and exciting?  Do you want your special day to be cherished and ...

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Wedding Planning

Wedding Party app

Wedding planning apps you cannot miss

Planning a wedding can be tedious and a long process. You would surely not like to have the ‘Oh! I ...

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wedding day

Greatest Wedding Day Boo-Boos to Avoid

A wedding day is an important event not just for the bride and groom but also their loved ones, relatives ...

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How to look flawless on your wedding day

Wedding day is the most important day of a girl’s life. Planning for entire wedding program it is also important ...

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Hidden expenses that can imbalance your wedding budget

Getting married may seem very romantic and wonderful, but it can be pricy too. It is not easy to wedding ...

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Wedding Traditions

indian Wedding tradition

Wedding tradition you would love to follow

Weddings are nowadays a well-thought after affair. How to take the vows, what to wear, the venue, the meal etc ...

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Five strangest wedding rituals from across the world

A wedding day in many countries is not merely the celebration of marriage. It involves a number of religions and ...

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How to become the perfect bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor that no girl can refuse. It is probably your best friend’s or sister’s wedding ...

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Two weddings bound by a tradition

Modernity as well as traditional customs amalgamated quite beautifully in new two weddings story of the equal day. It was ...

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Wedding Seasons


Reasons to have a white winter wedding

If you are hoping for a fairytale wedding, then winter season offers the perfect setting. The falling snowflakes, burning fire ...

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Ways to boost a winter wedding

Indians prefer to hold wedding ceremonies as auspicious mahurats happen in mid October. Choosing the décor for winter weddings can ...

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Winter wedding

Wedding vows: Let them not be affected by the weather!

Everyone knows the weather is unpredictable most of the time. One cannot be sure about rains, the scorching heat and snowfalls. We all want our wedding day to go as planned and never have any mishaps taking place. When the weather and the wedding go hand

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Fall wedding theme

Fall wedding tips to guide you through!

The fall season is probably the perfect time to get married. It is the most striking time of the year and it is pleasant. Getting married during this time has a different feel to it and would be great. It is a romantic time for nuptials. The fall season g

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