Dress-hunting and more for the mother of the bride

 After the bride and the groom, if anyone deserves attention it is the mother of the bride. Our moms have ...

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bridal shower

Not a necessity: Ditch your bridal shower without regrets

For couples planning a wedding most traditions become headaches. Planning multiple events brings along multiple stresses, especially events that have ...

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barramundi steak

Appetizers that should make to the plate for your bridal shower

A bridal shower celebrates the beginning of the bride-to-be’s happy married life and a great opportunity for all the bride’s ...

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old-fashioned wedding traditions

Get over these old-fashioned wedding traditions on your big day

Your wedding is a big day for you and your would-be life partner. Thus, it is important that you plan ...

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Wedding shoe hacks

Wedding shoe hacks that can save your day

Many brides stay in confusion when they are not able to find the right pair of shoes for their wedding. ...

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honeymoon cruise

Some ideas to help you plan your honeymoon cruise

While you may be tired of planning your wedding, it should not become a cause to compromise on the planning ...

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Fresh wedding color combinations  (4)

Fresh wedding color combinations you should absolutely consider

Everybody wants to make his or her special day of wedding stand out. A good way to do this is ...

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Major bridal fashion trends

Major bridal fashion trends for spring 2016

It is right that not every element of recent fashion trends changes within a season. However, a few noteworthy changes ...

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fabulous wedding venues in Ireland (4)

Unusual but fabulous wedding venues in Ireland

Who does not want to get married in a unique and special style? Such uniqueness also comes through a secret ...

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inspiring wedding cakes

Amazing and inspiring wedding cakes

The grand day when you unite with your soulmate forever is just round the corner. One of the important arrangements ...

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wedding guest

Things you should never do as a wedding guest

People invite guests at their weddings so it can be fun and joy on the occasion. On the other hand, ...

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DIY Wedding decoration ideas (2)

DIY Wedding decoration ideas that can make a difference to your budget

Wedding planning can take a lot out of you, including your monetary resources. If you want to have a dream ...

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