Refresh your summer wedding with some unique cocktails

How about serving the guests at your wedding with a unique blend of flavors as cocktails, something that they have ...

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Movies that every bride can relate to during wedding planning

Inspiration can be driven from almost all places; wedding movies are great ways of getting inspired. From decor to vows, ...

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Here’s how you can get over your wedding dress dilemma

Whether to opt for a dress off the rack or go in for a dressmaker can be a very difficult ...

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5 Songs that should not play at your wedding

The wedding is a time for celebration and no celebration is complete without songs and dance. Just the way you ...

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wedding getaway

Add some spice by making your wedding getaway dramatic

If you are about to get married in some time, then you may be planning on every little aspect of ...

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Cool mix n’ match looks

Cool mix n’ match looks that you and your bridesmaids will love

It is important to style your bridesmaids while you get ready for your special day. It is no longer in ...

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Selecting gorgeous dresses  (1)

Selecting gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids: Some factors to remember

If you have your wedding gown ready, it is probably time for you to take care of the dresses of ...

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change the feel of your wedding day

Slightest things that can change the feel of your wedding day

From your makeup and nail paint to the décor of your wedding venue, every little thing can mean big on ...

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guests at your wedding reception

Some ways you can wow the guests at your wedding reception

Your wedding is not just about you two, but also about hundreds of your guests who spare their precious time ...

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Happy groom and bride about retro limousine

Things to look for when hiring a wedding car

When the bride or the groom arrives at the wedding venue without a doubt they catch the attention of the ...

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pregnant bride

Ways a pregnant bride can make her wedding extra special

Planning a celebration for a life-altering event is a hectic job, doing the same for two major events can be ...

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sexy lingerie

Shopping for undergarments before the wedding

You have your gown ready, but what shape wear are you wearing underneath it? Just as important as the gown ...

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